A book that is good for your heart!
What does it feel like to lose a son in a tragic accident? What does it feel like to have your heart fail? How does a community form to join these events and transcend death? In their own words, stories of loved one, survivors, those rescued from death by another’s tragedy, and the genius of medicine. And beyond all this, the faith off all involved in the transcendence of life itself. In this amazing book, the author gets out of the way of the story. The result is compelling. A book that is good for your heart!

Steven White

One body – many members
Michael’s Legacy
is a wonderful book, a real reach to listen and to know extraordinary karmic webs. What a gift to all of us. Large. Large.

John Wulsin

Fantastic book!
Michael’s Legacy: Transcending Life and Death
 written by Mark Judelson goes into the life and death of 23-year-old Michael Bovill and how his organs were able to live on in the bodies of five strangers, allowing them a second chance at life. Michael’s last act in this world was to give life to those in need. 

The book discusses so much of what we, at Alexander’s Hope, spread awareness of. This first- hand story details the lives of each of Michael’s recipients, what led them to needing an organ and how they live their lives today. 

Michael’s Legacy dives into the story of Roxanne Watson, who received Michael’s heart. Roxanne now spends most of her days advocating for people to become registered donors. She has signed up countless new donors through her mission. 

One of the most unique aspects of the book is how the author explores the timeline of organ and tissue donations throughout history, including the dates of the first successful transplants. For anyone that is on the cusp as to whether or not to become a donor, this book is for them!

Bella Chaffey
President, Founder of Alexander’s Hope

Everyone should read this book!
Reading this book was life changing; the story of Michael’s short life was a sad story with a happy ending. Mark Judelson’s storytelling gave me a real experience of the process of organ transplant givng and receiving and inspired me to become a donor. It was awe-inspiring to realize and to read about all the lives that were touched by the death of Michael Boville. The author listened carefully to those involved and painted a heart warming picture of our human interconnection. Everyone should read this book!

Jim Battochi

The story dominates
In Michael’s Legacy, Mark writes with a calm, spare, disciplined authorial voice that he sustains for 250 pages. The style gets out of the way and the story dominates. I know how hard that is. Not a lot of writers can swing it.

Ted Kuster

Unforgettable book: And so much more!
This is truly a book worth reading! It becomes the unforgettable story not only of a remarkable young man and his very real loving family who donated his organs to five people who then were given new life, escaping death. It also tells the individual stories of all of the people who made these transplants possible: the many doctors and nurses and the mothers, fathers, patients’ families who loved and supported the transplant patients. This book is full of dazzling every day heroes. It reminds one of all the love, decency and humanity there is in the world.

Lois Feldman

Extraordinary, moving book and so much more!
I had the privilege (I mean that sincerely) of finishing the book two days ago. 

What an extraordinary story! Mark’s book was VERY moving. After I read the first chapter, I think I bent my wife Sue’s ear for 20 minutes or more talking about it because there was so much to say and so many ideas it raised.

Michael and his family are truly remarkable people. (As I re-read this, I see I am writing about Michael in the present tense). How this story crosses social “barriers” (race, religion, socio-economic status, gender, etc.) and demonstrates how artificial those classifications are is something we all need to learn more about. It also raises marvelous questions about what is Death and when do we actually die? And that goes beyond transplantations and extending the physical lives of organ recipients. Because of Michael and his gifts, Scott was able to have children and the reverberations of accomplishments of next generations and the lessons they learn from previous generations that THEY pass on as a result may be immeasurable, perhaps unattributable, yet real. I could go on and on.

Sue and I rechecked our “final instructions” and were reassured that we stated our willingness to be organ donors.  [I understand now that is not the word for some(?) Islamic traditions, but that is the word I have been familiar with.] However, we noticed it is not on our driver’s licenses, so we are going to request new licenses that will instruct first responders to not get rid of our bodies so fast. I also checked to make sure that our cemetery will allow us to be buried if we are an organ or two shy of our full complement. (We will be allowed.)

I believe it should be advertised to the librarians of every medical school in the U.S. and elsewhere. I also believe that professional organizations, like those serving surgeons and ethicists, should be made aware of it as well. The various religious organizational ruling bodies and the organizations dedicated to organ donations should also be included in the outreach so more people can see how remarkable and multi-faceted this issue can be.

A simple and heart-felt congratulations on this good work seems inadequate. I am impressed.

Paul Etkind


Roxanne Watson celebrates Michael Bovill's 34th birthday on her radio program, Michael's Gift, on May 5, 2021. She is joined by Michael's father, John, and sisters Mandy and Marissa, and Mark Judelson speaking about Michael's Legacy.

Michael’s Legacy Cover



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