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    Roxanne Watson celebrates Michael Bovill's 34th birthday on her radio program, Michael's Gift, on May 5, 2021. She is joined by Michael's father, John, and sisters Mandy and Marissa, and Mark Judelson speaking about Michael's Legacy.

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    NAACP The Spring Valley NAACP received their Charter on June 25, 1951; and since then has devoted their energy to ensure that civil rights for all members of the community are upheld because it is not a privilege, it is a right. The Branch is known for advocating for voting rights, especially in East Ramapo Central School District, fighting housing discrimination, addressing health issues, challenging the lack of diversity in government and the Police Departments while demanding justice for all.
    LiveOnNY LiveOnNY Foundation is the philanthropic arm of LiveOnNY—the federally designated non-profit that oversees organ and tissue donation and transplantation in the greater NY area. Founded in 2016 with seed money from Donate Eight, The Foundation’s core mission is to raise and deploy charitable contributions to support both transplant patients and donor families though their journey and help increase the number of lives saved through public awareness and education.
    The Foundation for Human Movement Studies, Inc. (FHMS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed for the purpose of bringing people together to explore the realm of human movement through principles and practices developed by Jaimen McMillian and the Spacial Dynamics Institute that bring increased awareness to human movement and activity. FHMS works to achieve our mission though scholarships and funding for initiatives.